The Orange County Great Park, Irvine, California July 21-27, 2025
The Orange County Great Park, Irvine, California July 21-27, 2025

Referee Updates


We will be using the Stack Officials site for referee assignments and self-assignments for this tournament. We will pre-load information into this site on all of the officials who have expressed interest in the tournament, if all of your credentials and compliance items are current – so it makes sense to work on those items now! Once the system goes live, you should get an email invitation to set up a Stack Officials account, if you don’t already have one.  We will need referees from Tuesday (Soccerfest) throughout the week (pool play).  Schedules are posted…please sign up to referee now.


Below is a map of the planned field arrangement at the Irvine Great Parks for the National Games (subject to change). You might have to zoom in on the image to see the details. There are 24 numbered full-sized fields, but some (indicated by A and B) will be subdivided for small-sided matches. The block labeled “REFEREES” will be the main referee station. The five blocks labeled “Area xx” will be satellite field marshal/EMT/referee tables for smaller blocks of fields – this is where you will pick up and turn in your individual match cards. Note that the location of these tables might change somewhat as our planning progresses.


Parking lots also are shown. All parking at the Great Parks is free. We’ll be hiring a parking management company to help deal with traffic and parking issues during the Games. NO RV’S and NO TAILGATING ALLOWED.
Field map as of 6-17-23 - AYSO National Games Irvine Great Park
Ben Murray
AYSO Section 11 & AYSO National Games Referee Administrator