The Orange County Great Park, Irvine, California July 24-30, 2023


SOCCERFEST ON TUESDAY (Sponsored by Score Sports)!

UPDATE: Your team will be assigned a check-in time at Field 18 (map to be provided).  Please make sure you arrive on time and allow for traffic, parking and walking to the field.  Teams MUST be present at their assigned check-in time to participate.  All games will be completed by 5:00pm.  Schedule to be released by July 1st.



Be sure to sign up for this fun and memorable event!

Soccerfest has traditionally been one of the most fun aspects of the AYSO National Games. These are the first games that are played as part of the tournament.

Players from each participating team are distributed evenly amongst all the other teams in their division and/or flight. Coaches (and assistant coaches) are then assigned to one of the newly formed teams which will play against each other. Be sure to reserve a spot for your team and players. The games are usually completed in about 2 hours (or less) and there are lots of smiles and laughter. And most importantly, the games result in quite a few new friendships with players from throughout the United States. We suggest you be ready to take some great photos and exchange region pins with your new friends.

IMPORTANT NOTE…To ensure everyone has a memorable Soccerfest experience during the largest National Games ever held, it is critical for coaches to register your teams by May 22nd for Soccerfest and let us know how many players are attending this fun event. With over 4,400 players playing in the tournament, we will not be able to accommodate walk-ups or non-tournament players/siblings. We will continue to provide a link in newsletters for teams to join the waitlist. Our hope is that we have space for everyone to play, so please make sure your RSVP is accurate.

PLEASE REMEMBER…Teams also earn sportsmanship points by participating in Soccerfest, when meeting the required minimums, as outlined in the tournament guidelines. No partial credit is awarded.

RSVP FOR THE WAITLIST (required to participate)

Soccerfest Rules

Teams are sorted by division, then region number.
You can view your RSVP in this document.
Teams are responsible to check their own team’s status