The Orange County Great Park, Irvine, California July 21-27, 2025
The Orange County Great Park, Irvine, California July 21-27, 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Game Schedules be Available?

Schedules are now available.

When will a more detailed Activities Schedule be available?

Activity details are available now under Schedules & Events.

How many guaranteed games will a team play?

6 or 7 games depending on the number of teams in the age group.

Will there be tournament pool play games on Saturday and Sunday?

There will be tournament pool play games on Saturday.

Do teams have to play in the Soccerfest?

It is not required for teams to play in Soccerfest but highly encouraged. To be eligible for the additional 6 pts for participation in pool play teams must meet the following criteria:

Pool Play Points Awarded for Soccerfest

  • A team coach may request that a rostered player or coach be excused from Soccerfest due to unusual or special circumstances. This request must be made to the National Games Venue Committee not later than the team’s check-in time.
  • Each team will be awarded six (6) points in pool play standings for participation of its officially rostered players and coaches in both Soccerfest games (except for those players and coaches excused as noted above), provided that at least one coach and a minimum number of players from the team participate.

Minimum number of players for Soccerfest participation are as follows:

  • 10U – 7 players
  • 12U – 9 players
  • 14U/16U/19U – 10 players

Partial credit will not be awarded.

Soccerfest points will be posted after Soccerfest within a reasonable time as established by the Venue Committee. Any challenge to the Soccerfest points must be made prior to the end of the last game on July 27, 2023. Any challenge received after the deadline, no matter the validity of the claim, will not be considered.

Can a sibling of a tournament team player play in Soccerfest?

MY2022 registered AYSO and non-AYSO players who are not playing in the tournament, but would like to participate, must register on the waitlist to play in Soccerfest. There will be a $30.00 participation fee for these players. Details on how to register these players for Soccerfest will be posted to the tournament website soon and noted in an upcoming weekly newsletter to coaches and Regional Commissioners.

How can I get a copy of the National Games logo?

The National Games logo is proprietary information and will not be released to third parties.  If your team would like to have uniforms with the National Games logo on them, please contact SCORE, as they are the only approved vendor with regard to the use of the logo.